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DroneDays 21 - B2B event - Drones @ Work
2021-10-06 10:02:50
Tapping on resilience for a more sustainable business


When: November 26, 2021

CONFERENCES can be attended ONLY by the DroneDays 2021 B2B participants.

The 6th edition of the event is especially designed to provide SMEs and other participants with:
- qualified pre-arranged B2B meetings during which they can investigate new markets' opportunities to diversify their current portfolios of clients and domains.
- qualitative information & insights from the conferences' speakers

More about the event can find here: https://dronedays-21-drones-work.b2match.io
Technology Forum 2021 Matchmaking Event
2021-09-28 09:47:59
Promoting Business & Technology Partnerships

The Technology Forum 2021 Matchmaking Event will be held on 14th October 2021, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The event aims to promote business, technological and research partnerships bringing together the vivid ICT community from Greece, South-East European countries and beyond. Innovative companies, universities, research centers and other organisations active in the wide ICT sector are invited to expand their network, explore new ideas and develop cooperation potential following a programme of pre-arranged meetings.

The matchmaking event is a parallel session of the 8th Technology Forum, which is also organised on 14th October in the framework of Beyond 4.0 IT Exhibition.

The matchmaking event is organised by PRAXI Network, coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas.

The event targets entrepreneurs, researchers, stakeholders and others who are interested in sharing new ideas and identifying business and research partners to:
• Find technologies to partner with, license or acquire
• Build partnerships for future funding calls
• Find buyers or development partners

Main Topics of the event include sectors of ICT Technologies such as Big Data, Block Chain, 5G, Internet of Things, IT Security and more, as well as ICT Applications.

For more information about the Matchmaking Event, please follow the link: https://technologyforum2021.b2match.io/home

The 8th Technology Forum – IT Congress aims at presenting cutting-edge technologies and innovation and this year hosts four sessions as follows:
• Session 1 - Smart Cities: Services, Infrastructure, Green Deal Impact
• Session 2 - Challenges in Next Generation Health Systems
• Session 3 - Technology and Innovation: Why, How, Who?
• Session 4 - Artificial Intelligence: The New Era

To find out more about the keynote speakers and the programme of the IT Congress part of the 8th Technology Forum, please visit here.

Technology Forum started as a local initiative with the synergy of academic, research and business organisations of North Greece. During the last 8 years it has been established as a major cooperative event in Thessaloniki and in South Eastern Europe gathering entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators and aiming to present ICT technologies covering all economic sectors and applications. This year Technology Forum and BEYOND 4.0 have joined their forces for mutual benefits.

Practical information:
Separate registration is needed for the two parts of the event: the IT Congress and the Matchmaking Event. Participation in the Matchmaking Event requires prior registration in the main IT Congress. Please note that registration fees apply for the IT Congress (25-40€).

IT Congress: https://technology-forum.eu/tickets/

Matchmaking Event: https://technologyforum2021.b2match.io/home

Семинар: Теорията за множествената интелигентност – нов подход за ефективно обучение на подрастващите
2021-09-15 13:01:28

Фондация ГИС-ТЦ Ви кани да участвате в семинар и дискусият, на тема "Теорията за множествената интелигентност – нов подход за ефективно обучение на подрастващите"

Събитието се провежда в рамките на проект по програма Еразъм+: „Множествената интелигентност - нов подход за ефективно образование“.

Екипът на ГИС-ТЦ ще запознае присъстващите с принципите на преподаване на тази методология, както и практически техники за преподаватели в началния курс на образование и в детските градини, основно разработени в Лабораторията по невронауки и образование в Страсбург, и получените резултати от проведеното 5 годишно експериментално обучение в училища и детски градини.

Апел на учители към политици и управляващи в сферата на образованието

Брошура, ориентирана към политиците и вземащите решения в образованието
Handbook oriented to policy and decision makers in education
Модел за учебен план за обучение на студенти в педагогически специалности
A model for a curriculum for qualification of pedagogical disciplines students at the universities

Дата и място на събитието:
25.09.2021 – събота,
от 11.00 - 17.00 ч.
в залата на Института по механика, БАН,
1113 София
ул. "Акад. Г. Бончев", блок 4

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