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There is no difficult children for the teacher - One-day seminar
2019-12-05 00:00:00

One-day seminar: “There is no difficult children for the teacher”, was organized in Sofia on 4 December 2019 s a part of the “Multiple Intelligence – New Approach for Effective Education” (MI-NAEE) project activities. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the Multiple Intelligence (MI) pedagogical technology and its potential for increasing the quality of the education through creating equal conditions for everybody in class based on it physiology and nature. Experts from France: Iliana Jekov, Bénédicte KRUST and Caroline SANCHEZ presented the theoretical and practical key points of the MI methodology, presented the results of their 3-year experimental period of implementing this technology at primary school and kindergartens, focused on the new type of knowledge and qualification the teachers should have to obtain in order to know how to use the M technology. Essential fact was that experts share their own experiences and explained in details ways of using the methodological tools in class.

Participants of the seminar were about 20 people: directors and teachers of schools and kinder gardens, psychologists at schools, researchers, educators, experts from the Ministry of Education and Science and journalists from Sofia, Vratsa and Velingrad. Deputy-Minister - Tanya Mihailova was a special guest of the seminar. In her presentation she stressed on the importance that the quality of education has to be increased and that the MI methodology could be a mechanism for it.

One of focus of the following discussion was on the difficulties faced by the teachers during the learning process at class and what were the main reasons for their geneses; constantly increasing differences among the learners and how the teacher to tackle with it. At the end of the seminar the participants evaluated the agenda topics of the seminar and possibility to introduce MI technology into practice in Bulgarian educational system. The evaluation was based on a questionnaire. Analysis of the evaluation will be taken into account for preparation the following project activities: agenda for the short-term trainings giving knowledge and skills how to use the MI technology – methodology and toolkits. Analysis of the evaluation will be accessible to the experts creating the project output – “Model of a curricula for qualification of the educators (teachers) and students in the pedagogical disciplines at the universities”.

More about the project you can find here.

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