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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

16. TTO "Proino"
The overall objective is to build an effective link "science-business market" to help Bulgarian enterprises to increase their capacity and quality human resource to build their corporate social and environmental commitment, and support of regional/municipal administrations road to sustainable communities for quality of life. Specific objectives and tasks of OTT PROINO are related to the construction of an appropriate pro-innovative business environment and infrastructure in support of the application potential and the transfer of innovative applied science products and services ready for commercial implementation and/or to increase the efficiency and productivity of firms in the country. The office will provide advisory, technical and information services to companies, research organizations, national/regional and local governments, financial institutions and universities in the priority areas of environmental decisions and responsibilities, "green" design and construction, environmental and energy-saving technologies, information technology , technology, health and quality of life, improve environmental quality in urban environments, intelligent systems for sustainable development and more. PROINO will hold seminars to enhance the administrative and expert capacity, preparation of applications for reception of IP (patents, utility model certificates and brands) and through participation in European projects and national programs.
The main activities include:
  • preparation of technical design for office and IT equipment of premises for it, and work center for technology transfer, consistent with the requirements for energy efficiency and a healthy work / learning environment respectively;
  • activities to increase the capacity and functioning of the Office, Building a bilingual database virtual library, the data are fully consistent with the requirements of "Green IT" and "Green Datacenters";
  • Preparing a business plan, marketing strategy and CSR for OTT, Publicity and branding project - Promotion of services offered OTT PROINO, demonstration events, multimedia presentations, participation in national and international innovation networks, media campaigns, organizing themed "open days" and others., internal control, audit and reporting of the project.
Karina Angelieva is the manager of the company “PROINO”. She is also an expert on "Preparation and project management." Karina Angelieva is a longtime expert in the field of research and innovation, including the coordination, preparation and management of projects related to the development and deployment of new applications and services in the field of technology transfer, inter-sectoral partnership "industry-Academy "and others. Karina is the director of JIC of Sciences, where she leads the innovation policy of BAS and contributes to the establishment of an effective cooperation between BAS and the industrial sector. She also guides the participation of JIC in the Bulgarian consortium of Enterprise Europe Network. She is the coordinator for Bulgaria of the Master’s Program in Business Engineering at the University "Steinbeis" in Berlin, within which are being developed innovative projects and other solutions to the particular problems of companies which are investors / applicants.

Karina Angelieva is a representative of Bulgaria in the European network EURAXESS for career development and mobility of researchers, including inter-sectoral mobility, as an expert at the Research Department of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". Furthermore, she participates in two European networks - E * CARE and ISEE-Mob, where she develops two methodologies for assessing the potential of the research and industrial sector for the development of human resources, evaluation of existing instruments on a national level for career development and mobility of researchers between the two sectors, as well as the development of database with innovative firms.

As a longtime employee of the Ministry of Education and Science in the period 2002-2009, Karina was involved in the coordination of the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, overseeing the national contact network, organizes informational days, training representatives of academic and business sector to participate fully in the program. Karina is the head of projects under the PHARE program. She provides analysis and recommendations for the introduction of modern European practices in program financing on a national level. Karina participates in various working groups, including the preparation of the National Charter for SMEs. She also participates in the preparation of the methodology for the Technology Transfer centers and evaluation of innovations in Bulgaria as a preparation for the participation in the OP "Competitiveness".
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