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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

19. TTO "Genome center"
Joint Genome Center (JGC) was established in December 2006 as a joint venture between Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the Agricultural Academy. In the early 2008 the Agricultural Academy withdrew and the sole owner was the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". It is currently 100% owned by the University. The primary purpose of the Joint Genome Center is to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian bio-economy through the creation of strategic hub crucial to provide researchers and SMEs with access to modern equipment and "know how", a multidisciplinary approach and modern experimental methods, and highly qualified staff for creating products acquired by greater added value following the EU principles of complementarity and synergy.
  • JGC is a new innovative structure which aims to show how the present state of knowledge and experience can meet the requirements of the industry. Key areas of interest and activities for JGC are: pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, food industry, environmental protection, etc. JGC offers a wide range of analyses based on high-tech equipment in the field of genomics (DNA sequencing, DNA fragment analysis, sequencing, genetic analysis by real-time PCR products - pyro sequencing, analysis for the presence of genetically modified organisms), metabolomics (qualitative and quantitative metabolic analysis by known methods and develops new methods by gas chromatography) Bioinformatics (bioinformatics cluster remotely using bioinformatics resource network of partners in European and world bioinformatics centers) consultancy, training. The new products which are created in JGC are based on technological platforms application especially in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the food industry. The center also offers consultancy services and training.
  • One of the priorities of JGC is to establish sustainable links between the industrial sectors and the business environment, based on services of high quality and easy access. This requires an entrepreneurial approach in the long term which purpose is to create a foundation that will enable the intellectual property and "know-how" to reach the market through collaboration with business/industry. For this purpose, JGC plans to create the Unit - Office of Technology Transfer, which purpose is the development of pro-innovative business structure aimed at strengthening the science-business relationship in the field of biotechnology, and in particular in the most modern field - Genomics, Metabolics, Bioinformatics.

A large part of the exports of Bulgaria is formed by sectors in which the technology transfer is developed. Technology transfer is aimed at the transfer of innovation in the field of biotechnology, which will contribute to:
  • Creating innovative products from plants, animals and micro-organisms and their derivatives as the next generation;
  • Improving the quality of grocery, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products by investing in them, ingredients with high content of active substances with proven anti-oxidant effect;
Medicines, food supplements, cosmetics made from natural products with proven performance is more desirable to consumers globally. Bulgaria is very rich in raw materials such as copper, essential oil plants and other raw materials, which are sold in foreign markets, but only as raw material by the manufacturers. Using biotechnology we can create end products such as supplements and other food additives and others from natural raw materials, which will lead to the arrival of a product on the market. This product will add value and will be competitive.

Examples are some of the scientific developments that are under improvement in the Joint Genome Center and Department of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine at the University as:
  • Analysis and comparison of samples of honey from the Strandzha region in order to determine the component composition of honey and characterization of new bioactive compounds with high antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-cancer properties;
  • Creating a new product with combination of various (specifically selected) herbs with outstanding and unique properties, based on various activity of the biologically active components therein. Was performed for the first time qualitative analysis of the essential oils from the seeds of Allium porrum, Sideritis scardica, Angelica pancicii и Rhodiola roseа; a chemical analysis is prepared and testing of the end product of a preventive effect on human health
  • Evidence of bioactive substances and antioxidants in remote hybrid blue wheat, which determines the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative higher concentrations in blue wheat than ordinary white one, and specific bio-components improving diet and human health;

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