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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

23. GIS-TC “Arte Classica”
„Arte Classica” is a non-governmental organization in public benefit, registered in March 2013 in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. The mission is to promote classical music and art as a whole for the development of civil society through the application of innovative ideas and practices.

  • Develop civil society by establishing the significance of musical culture and art as a whole
  • Promote classical music in the country and abroad by attracting all age groups
  • Stimulate international and Bulgarian music work and art by supporting artists-performers, composers and other music creators
  • Contribute to the creation of new music work, arrangements and treatments of already developed ones, and their presentation, as well as create and present advertisements, multimedia music products, and other art products
  • Organize activities, like concerts, competitions, festivals, and other cultural events
  • Support and initiate music education, including art therapy for interested parties – professionals and amateurs in all age groups – with the task to develop their music qualification, general music culture, and improve the state of mind
  • Interact with similar international organizations and foundations for the presentation of Bulgarian classical music and art as a whole in foreign countries, as well as promote international classical music and art in Bulgaria
  • Support the candidacy of a Bulgarian city for 2019 European Capital of Culture
  • Cooperate with the Bulgarian Government, national institutions and local authorities for the presentation of Bulgarian music culture and art as a whole in the country and abroad.
  • Organize concerts, festivals, spectacles, master classes, seminars and other forms of art for all age groups
  • Present the Bulgarian musical culture and art in foreign countries and international music culture and art in the country
  • Organize and support the development and distribution of advertisements, music products, multimedia products, and other art products
  • Promote Bulgarian music through art forms
Antonia Veleva
Ms. Antoniya Evgenieva, Chair of the Board/Manager

Ms. Antoniya Evgenieva is a graduate of the State Music Academy “Prof. P.Vladigerov”, while she earned her post-graduate degree at the Academy for Music, Dance and Art in Plovdiv. She took master classes with Ray Lack (USA) in 1997, Paolo Police (Italy) in 1999, Valdemar Voital (Poland), Marialena Fernandes (Austria) and Desire N’Kua (France) in 2000, Michel Beroff (France) in 2009 and Lyudmil Angelov (Bulgaria) in 2013. Ms. Evgenieva is a laureate of several competitions, like the award for French music (Plovdiv, 1998), two times second prize winner at “Young Music Talents” (Sofia, 1998 and 2000). She was awarded First and Grand Prizes in the international competition “Concertino Praga” in 1999 for Chamber Music and took part in variety of international music festivals and competitions, such as “Queen Elizabeth” (Brussels, 2003), “Czeshky Krumlov” (the Czech Republic, 2000), “South Bohemia” (The Czech Republic, 2000), as well as she performed at concerts in Luzern (2000), Passau (2000), Vienna (2004), and with over 10 symphonies across Bulgaria. She recorded for the Bulgarian national radio and television.
“Arte Classica” has a team of experts with more than a decade of international experience in music, marketing, management and PR. We have also registered over 20 top artists/performers with “Arte Classica”, who have worked all over the world. Some of our artists sit in Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Pleven, while others are in Munich, Munster, London, Paris, New York, and Michigan.
Antonia Veleva
Business and media
  • „Classics and Avantgarde” is a unique product, which includes variety of innovative components. The project promotes classical music among society through the application of innovative ideas and practices, which support the candidacy of a Bulgarian city for European capital of culture in 2019. This is a fundamental project for “Arte Classica”, which reaches the general public and creates a lot of opportunities for young Bulgarian music talents. We perform at classical concert halls, but also at untraditional places, like kindergartens, schools, universities, city parks, and live music clubs. “Arte Classica” has offered already over 10 performances since October 2012 in Sofia and one performance took place in Stara Zagora at the end of July 2013.
  • “Music for Pregnant” is a product that gives a combination of live classical music and lecture of psychologist or doctor to pregnant women. “Arte Classica” has offered one Atelier for pregnant women on July 2nd this year in Sofia.
To receive regular information about “Arte Classica“ you can either visit www.arteclassica.org or push the LIKE button of the facebook page of “Arte Classica”.
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