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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

26. TTO „Information and Communication Technologies“, BAIT
36, Dragan Tsankov Bul.
Interpred WTC Sofia, Office B339
Sofia 1040
Phone: +359 2 946 1513
Fax: +359 2 946 1451
National Technology Transfer Office in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (TTO-ICT) at BAIT is established in 2012 within the BG161PO003-1.2.02-0051-C0001 "Establishing of a national technology transfer office in the area of information and communication technologies" project, with the financial support of Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" for BG161PO003-1.2.02 "Establishing new and strengthen existing offices for technology transfer"

The National Technology Transfer Office in the area of information and communication technology (TTO-ICT) is established to facilitate the process of technology transfer between innovators, researchers and users of innovations in practice. TTO-ICT is fostering communication between entrepreneurs, companies in the ICT sector, business organizations and universities in Bulgaria and all over the world.

The mission of the TTO-ICT is to promote cooperation between the two parties by defining the technological innovation needs in enterprises, offering appropriate research solutions for implementation in practice and assisting scientists in the process of commercialization of innovation proposals, ideas, product and services.

The activity of the office is focused on the performance of technology transfer between the innovator and the developer of scientific and technological product and ideas and the recipient (mainly SMEs who need both the introduction of new competitive products and to address the specific problems encountered in the process of their production activity).
  • Organization of events (roundtables, forums, seminars) for identification of technological and innovation needs in the target companies and assessment of the opportunities to satisfy them through innovation, capacity and knowledge transfer;
  • Organization of informational events to present innovative tools, services, products and good practices to companies (mainly SMEs operating in different sectors, but ready to invest in ICT);
  • Consulting and/or legal services related to intellectual property rights protection of innovative products, processes, products or services (patent licensing agreements, know-how, registration of inventions and utility models, trademarks, creating a high-tech joint ventures , etc.);
  • Development of technical, financial, economic evaluations of the intellectual property of innovative products, processes or services. Assistance in the process of technology transfer and technological development. Expertise in the technology and innovative audit of the company;
  • Providing services related to optimization of production technologies, identification, creation and implementation of specific innovative product, process or service;
  • Development a business and marketing strategies of specific innovative products, processes or services;
  • Engineering services and expertizes on the process of implementation of the specific innovative products, processes or services on place;
  • Ensure access to virtual technology transfer office (through the TTO-ICT website) in order to provide all stakeholders with access the TTO database (ideas, partners, products, et.c) and to the opportunities for communication and interaction between business and innovators.
Sonya Petkova
Manager of Technology Transfer Office in ICT

Tanya Tsolova
Expert in the Technology Transfer Office in ICT
  • Center for Technology Transfer at "Sofia University" St. Kliment Ohridski"
  • Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund)
  • Technical University, Sofia
  • Technical University, Gabrovo
  • Technical University, Varna
  • Technical University, Plovdiv
  • American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
  • New Bulgarian University, Sofia
  • Software University, Sofia
  • LAUNCHub
  • Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund
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