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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

2. GIS-TC on "RES and EE"
1113 Sofia
Akad. Georgi Bonchev Str., block 4
t: +359 2 870 6264
f: +359 2 870 7498
m: +359882 909 105
m: +359885222471
e: res-ee@gis-tc.org
We have been providing our clients with project development expertise, technical delivery capabilities, policy advice, knowledge and technology transfer since 2010.
Collaborating with our centers and network partners, we provide expertise on clean energy and innovative smart technologies. Create technology and scientific transfer, research and analysis, know-how, advice and expertise in RES and EE with an emphasis on SMEs, banks, stakeholders and vice versa.
Carried out and working on international projects funded by FP6, FP7, IEE, DFID, DEFRA - UK, FCO, etc.
Do feel free to contact us, on
  • Research, consultancy and expertise on renewables, energy efficiency, sustainable development, environmental responsibility, information technology and intelligent solutions, smart computing.
  • Clean project development and implementation.
  • Software engineering. Exploration, identification and development of specialized software, desktop and web applications, mobile applications and other innovative computing systems and smart solutions.
  • Development, providing and promoting of informational and capacity building materials, programs and training courses.
  • A full range of programming and design services for every aspect of web development and Internet visibility.
We leverage our core competencies through:
Consultancy | Computing | Expertise | Research | Training | Collaboration

We are open to asisit you, also if you need any specific services in the area of:
  • Information and consultancy services in the field of RES and EE
  • Provide assistance and expertise in knowledge and technology transfer and implementation of innovative products and services
  • Develop of sustainable municipalilty plans, according to the Covenant of Mayors
  • Environmental assessment - carbon footprint
  • EE assesment in SME
  • Expertise and monitoring on alredat developed energy audits and reccomenden EE measures
  • Consultation and expertise to funding institutions according the EE and valiability of the investment projects
  • Feasibility and market research and analysis
  • Project identification, development. Full project cycle monitoring.
  • Mediation and contact with stakeholders, sompanies, government bodies, independent experts.
  • Training.
  • Computing.

Sonya Petkova
Director of "RES and EE" center at GIS-TransferCenter, Managing partner of ENBC Ltd., Project Coordinator and Senior Advisor on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

She is a Master of Science on Physics engineering at Sofia University. Developing a PhD thesis "Integrated computing model for assessment, analysis and forecasts of RES energy utilization and low-carbon society sustainable development", at Technical University of Sofia.

Since 2001 is actively working in the field of renewables and energy efficiency, policies development toward reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable development and smart solutions. Leader and coordinator of Bulgarian and international teams on renewable energy and energy efficiency related projects.

She has been involved as an expert on national and international projects related to exploration, adopting and development of national policies toward energy independence and the promotion RES electricity production, development of policies, mechanisms and strategies for implementation of TGC schemes, GHG assessmnets and etc.

In the period 2001-2010 is a consultant, coordinator and manager at Camco Global and ESDB. Its portfolio includes more than 40 projects in the field of sustainable development, renewables, emissions trading, energy efficiency and energy policies funded by FP5, PHARE, CIP, SAVE II, ALTENER, THERMIE-B, DFID, DEFRA, FCO, IEU and other EU funding programs. Since 2006, as certified Energy auditor of buildings she provides services in the field of energy efficiency and management of energy consumption in buildings. Leads over 200 energy audits of buildings till now (schools, hospitals, kindergartens, office and commercial buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings and individual houses) situated in Bulgaria, Greath Britain and South Africa. From 2011 She is a LEED consultant.

As an independent consultant provides consulting services and expertizes in the field of low-carbon societies, participates in the identification, development and implementation of energy efficiency projects, preparation of policies, plans and strategies for sustainable development, energy conservation and rational energy utilization and integration of high innovative technology toward lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Since2010 she is an independent consultant in the field of Sustainable Energy action Plans development under Covenant of Mayor Standard and National policy and requirements.

Co-author of three innovative computer model (SAFIRE-LP, REScan +, REFiT) for energy assessments and analysis, and a sustainable energy development methodology. Author of several computer models and calculators, among which are "Calculator EE building materials", "Carbon footprint of an organization", etc. ..

Our team combines the experience of experts with more than decade of experience in clean energy project development and transfers & knowledge transfer with the driving power of the entosiastic andmotivated young specialists.


Recent Products
  • SEMP (Sustainable Energy Municipal Planning) - A self-training tool and guideline on SEAP development.
  • RES'use software - A comprehensive computing model for assessment and prediction of RES potential, comparative analysis, energy map, forecast analysis.
  • REFiT software - Identification of the monetary electricity production (feed-in tariffs), assistance to the RES electricity production.
  • EE building envelope calculator - Estimation of energy efficiency of building envelope elements. Inspection of the existing structure, materials, layers.
  • CO2 calculator - Interactive application and guide for identification, assessment, prediction and monitoring of the corporate and households carbon footprint (C02 diet).
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