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Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network (BgTTN)

31. Green industry innovation and technology transfer Foundation
111, “Doctor Kiril Yourdanov” street,
Breeze, Varna 9010
phone: + 359 940869

Green Industry Innovation and technology transfer Foundation is non for profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation.

The Foundation was established in 2018 and its mission is raising public awareness and applying the latest technologies in the field of green transport, Internet of things, promoting the sustainable development of cities through new green technologies eLearning, circular economy and knowledge transfer by development of professional human resources programs. The activities carried out by the Foundation in its daily business are as follows:
• Developing and offering strategic investors of investment projects to increase energy efficiency and implementation of procedures for alternative energy.
• Sustainable conservation and preserved environment according to national and regional priorities and EU requirements.
• Promotion of technological development, technical consultancy
• Professional human resources development programs
• Innovations in the field of the economy, Industry 4.0 and green industry
• Promoting the sustainable development of cities through new green technologies.
• Industrial investment projects for technological innovation and introduction of innovations to reduce energy intensity of transport schemes
• Implementation of programs and projects to improve working conditions in enterprises

The mix of Technical, Managerial and Consultancy expertise allow Green Industry innovation and technology transfer Foundation to work successfully with government and private organisations, focusing on local authorities, universities, cluster organisations and technology centers in different countries.

The Foundation works on regional, national and international level and carried out projects funded by different Programs and national OPHDR. It operates as a network of experts.

We provided services for business support to industrial sector by:
• Providing large information support to SMEs
• Provide them matchmaking action (collaborative projects between manufacturers and ICT companies)
• Providing SMEs support to develop products, processes and to capitalize this technological introduction and transformation of traditional companies into regional innovation actors.
• assessments of the SMEs for the introduction of digitization and innovation assessment.

We are working on strengthening currently underdeveloped linkages, cooperation and synergies between companies, industry, research, intermediaries, and policy makers in Bulgaria through:
• transfer of green and sustainable technologies
• capacity-building and support for the transition to sustainability and digitalisation,
• reducing regulatory burden and
• improving market access and improving access to financing.

The Foundation provides:
• consultancy for project application and project management.
• Carrying out studies and analysis concerning strategies for local and regional economic and social development.
• Providing public campaign and presenting sustainable development and social innovations on local and national level.
• Mediation and establishing contacts with stakeholders, companies, government.

The Foundation works actively to transfer new technologies in collaboration with universities and research centres in: Networked production; Artificial intelligence; Intralogistics; Digital business models; Industry 4.0; Finance 4.0; Virtualisation for planning processes (simulation and modelling); Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes; Skills and competences of employees.

Iliana Georgieva

Executive Director of Green Industry innovations and technology transfer Foundation, Iliana has master degree in Transport systems and master degree in Public finance and more than 20 years’ experience in various aspects of development and implementation of projects in different fields.

Since 2001 her interest is on innovation and forming proper environment for sustainable environment and innovations. Ms. Georgievaц was project manager and national coordinator as well as key expert in projects funded by PHARE and other EU funded programs.

The team of the Center is dynamic and formed on an open approach. The team combines experts with long-term experience in management, market policy and public campaign.
Green Industry Innovations and technology transfer Foundation has collaborative networks through partnerships between SMEs, academia, industry, local government and other organizations. The Foundation cooperates with partners from Norway, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Belgium (Flanders).

Green Industry Innovations and technology transfer Foundation has joint activities with many Universities (in Bulgaria and Europe) and facilitate networking in industrial modernization by way of bringing together SMEs in interregional thematic groups, define a common strategy and roadmap for action as well as build a strategic interregional collaboration and strong industry cooperation.

2020-2022: Development and implementation of innovative model for reduction of the amount of plastic waste in the marine environment from land – based sources
Programme: EEA Grants Environment. Leading Partner Beloslav Municipality, partners: Green Industry Innovations and Technology transfer Foundation, Ekoinvest Assets Plc, International development Norway. The project transfers good practices from Norway and introduce a pilot model for reducing the amount of plastic waste in the marine water. Green Industry Innovations and technology transfer Foundation is a coordinating Partner and contributes with organizing of 4 awareness campaigns among the young people.

2018 – 2020 : GaIN (Green IrrigatioN)
Programme: Green Industry and Innovation for SMEs, Innovation Norway Project promoter: Kaskada Ltd, partners: International Development Norway AS, expertise partner: Green Industry Innovations and Technology transfer Foundation
The main purpose of the project is increasing the KASKADA’s competitiveness by introducing a new innovative product on the market (irrigation pipes that are produced from 80% recycled compound) and applying a new innovative process and service that will ensure circular approach in the production and distribution of irrigation pipes and will transform KASKADA’s recycling and new production process in almost zero emission factory. The proposed innovation is on enterprise level, sector level, national level and international level.

This feasibility study for a bike-share system in Obzor has been determined in the context of the outlined goals as well as the local community analyses - physical environment, demographics, transportation environment, bicycle infrastructure and tourism industry in Obzor.

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