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Training for teachers 2: MI technology and education of children with SEN
2021-06-02 15:25:09

Topic: MI technology and education of children with SEN (ADHD, Dyslexia) including children from marginal groups.

Training was carried out on-line in the period 25-28 May 2021, host partner was Italian partner of the project consortium: CSFVM who supported the logistic of the training itself.

The training was oriented to teachers at primary schools.

Participants in the training became acquainted with the basic principles of the Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, as well as with practical techniques how to use it for training children with syndrome of ADHD and dyslexia.

Participants discussed and shared their personal experiences.

Partners’ experts shared knowledge and experiences about using alternative teaching methods.

The training ended with a decision to create a network focusing on sharing knowledge and experiences how to use innovative alternative teaching technologies in class. At the beginning project partners will coordinate creating of the network. Everybody who want to join the network could contact local coordinators.

Contacts for connection to the network are:
GIS-TC – Raya Staykova raya_staykova@gis-tc.org
DEFOIN – Juan Escalona: jescalona@defoin.es
ANCE – Chrysanna Pavlou: cpavlou@ance-hellas.org
Foundation Vila Montesca - Virginia Marconi: virginia.marconi@montesca.eu
J&Msynergie- Iliana Jekov: jekovunivers@gmail.com
Technokrati –Ivailo Bonev: ivaylo@technokrati.bg


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Fabrizio Boldrini - The Montessori Method

“Multiple Intelligence – New Approach for Effective Education” - MI-NAEE

Irena Mitskovska - SOCIAL - EMOTIONAL LEARNING- some activities for the classroom

Silvia Marinova - Children and young adults with special needs in the foreign language environment. Solutions and steps towards better understanding and effectiveness.

Valia Yorgova - Hidden condition - dyslexia

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