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  • Study, consultations and recommendations, regarding SME needs for competitive products and technologies and transfer support
  • Identification of results of applied research, support of the transformation of the results into technologies and competitive products by organizing workshops, seminars and other events
  • Realization of contacts and cooperation with similar Bulgarian and foreign organizations, scientists and specialists that deal with transfer of technologies
  • Maintenance of business cooperation with governmental bodies and institutions to support the innovation activity, aiding the formulation of governmental policy and priorities in the field by proposing solutions and norms
  • Consultations and expert support for innovations and transfer of technologies
  • Coordination and realization of projects of technology transfer
  • Organization and coordination of the participation of Bulgarian scientists, teams and companies in projects sponsored by the European Commission and by other European institutions and programs that are directly or indirectly related to the Foundation
  • Creation of database of research results; support of the product market realization. Study and analysis of the needs of local SME for new technologies and consultations; support for SME in finding adequate solutions
  • Support the development of the following services:
    - Personal consultations and information exchange between specialists. Thus, a specific company could find the right person who could work following special requirements or could develop specific technical or technological problem
    - Study and development – direct transfer of technologies and/or information; The Foundation goal is to realize new processes and systems optimization that are part of projects already in progress, to develop pilot projects and prototypes, new market-oriented and competitive products and innovation ideas etc.
    - International technological transfer – based on the practice of similar world transfer centers and the cooperation with Steinbeis Technology transfer network and European Enterprise Network.
    - Realization of post-graduate studies – maintenance of cooperation, organization of teaching courses educating and additionally qualifying specialists and managers from all fields and especially hi-tech specialists.
    - Preparation of expert and evaluation reports.
    - Realization of any othe activities that could support innovation and technology transfer

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